Dates & Times

Open weather permitting. Weather closures will be posted here as needed.

The earlier in the day you arrive, the more time you have to enjoy the farm. All families arriving be/4 "last entry" time noted below on calendar, are guaranteed a minimum of 2 hours at the farm. 

Example: Last family arrives exactly at "last entry" of 3PM on green coded days on the calendar below. They would be guaranteed 2 hours at the farm. Farm closes 2 hours after the last entry, so we would be closing at 5PM. But, for example, the last family arrived at 1:30PM, with no new families arriving between 1:30 & 3:00. The farm then closes at 3:30PM - 2 hours after the last family arrived at 1:30PM. 

* Admissions accepted between the times listed below. 
Farm closes 2 hrs after the last paid admission.
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