Mulberry Lane Farm Weddings

For years we’ve been known as a children's petting farm but because of our reputation for providing a clean, authentic country setting, we have fast become the venue of choice for couples looking for a unique and memorable wedding.

Built in 1881 Mulberry Lane Farm radiates simple elegance.  The white lights strung from the tamarack beams give our welcoming space a warm, comfortable feel.  Browse through the site and see why Mulberry Lane Farm is the ideal location for your beautiful day.

- Patrick & Bonnie Keyes, Owners
Believing in weddings since our marriage on July 23, 1977


Pull up a chair. Grab a kleenex. You're invited to the wedding of Christina Rodriguez & Jerry Ort, married October 1, 2011, at Mulberry Lane Farm. Viewing the below video will give you a good overview of what a wedding at Mulberry Lane Farm is like. (Note: some bride prep & groomsmen prepared offsite. Complete farm scenes begin at 2:30)