Mr. & Mrs. David King
Married 07.01.2017

We got married at Mulberry Lane Farm on July 1st, 2017. Bonnie and her crew were the most wonderful, kind, and accommodating people and we are extremely grateful to have worked with them on our big day. They helped us create a gorgeous, thoughtful, and rustic ceremony and reception while using their location that our guests have been over the moon about! I cannot tell you how many times that we have received the compliments, "Best Wedding EVER!" and " BEST venue ever!" and "I have never had so much fun at a wedding before!" It was so exciting for all of our guests to have such a great time, and I mean ALL of our guests. Bonnie and her crew were gracious enough to take my 85-year-old grandmother on a tour of the farm during our reception. That truly was the highlight of her night and she will be talking about that for years to come! From 1 years old to 85 years old, they all had an amazing time! Thank you, Bonnie, for being so kind and thoughtful. We and our guests cannot wait to come back enjoy Mulberry Lane Farm again and again!

Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Hoffman
Married 06.03.2017

They do WEDDINGS! Having my wedding at Mulberry was the best decision I could have made, the day was absolutely perfect! I lost count of how many compliments we got from guests saying it was "unforgettable", "gorgeous", and "the best wedding they've been to in a long time". Bonnie and the farmers were great to work with the entire planning process. Please consider having your wedding here, you won't regret it!



Mr. & Mrs. Garett Laugavitz
Married 05.13.2017

Bonnie and the Mulberry Lane Crew were instrumental in making our “Simple, but Special” wedding come to life. Thank you so much for being there every step of the way to make sure things ran smooth. There are many “behind the scenes” details your team took care of to make sure Garett and I got to have the perfect day. Our guests were in love with our wedding and the ANIMALS! Bonnie was very flexible with my ideas, also gave a lot of good feedback from what she has seen work well in the past. My advice to future brides and grooms of Mulberry, take Bonnie’s advice!

Mr. & Mrs. Nick Bell
Married 09.17.2016

Bonnie & Mulberry Crew. Thank you so much for everything! We had a beautiful day! We had so many compliments on your venue! We will definitely recommend you to future couples. 



Mr. & Mrs. Jaran Rutledge
Married 09.10.2016

Bonnie & the Mulberry Lane Crew - We wanted to thank you all so much for all of your hard work to make our wedding day absolute perfection! We could not have had a more perfect day and we have you all to thank! Everyone was so helpful and worked so seemlessly and we are so grateful! Thank you for everything! - Alyssa and Jaran 



Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Phebus
Married 08.06.2016

Our wedding at Mulberry Lane Farm was nothing short of magical. It was everything we could have possibly dreamed of. The workers helped everything run smoothly, decorating independently gave it a special touch.  Our guests constantly continue to tell us that the venue and experience was one of the best weddings they have ever been to. My husband wanted a small causal wedding but I talked him into Mulberry Lane and he ended the night telling me it was the best day of his life. I loved that we got to provide our own bar and vendors to make it exactly what we wanted. It was absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to visit and bring our kids in the future to this beautiful place. It will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you so much for the time of our lives. 

Mr. & Mrs. Benn Zubke
Married 09.12.2015

Dear Bonnie and Mulberry Lane Staff - We would like to say a huge thank you to all of you for making our wedding day AMAZING! Everything about the day was how we had imagined it to be. We truly appreciate the heart and time you put into making sure it was special. We cannot wait to visit you all on the farm and catch-up soon. Thank you so much - Benn & Kyla Zubke 



Mr. & Mrs. Tyler Callow
Married 06.27.2015
     WOW - just WOW. Our wedding at Mulberry was a beautiful dream - a fairy tale. The staff was more than helpful - everyone is still talking about this wedding. 
     I walked up to the house at around 10pm the night of the wedding and just stared up into the haymow - the twinkling lights hanging from the rafters, the music drifting, people dancing and laughing - it was all just surreal. What you guys do there is amazing - and we were blessed with such beautiful weather - PERFECT!
     The horse drawn ride with my dad to the alter was the cherry on top!

     Mulberry will always hold a very special place in our hearts - we'll be back to see the animals! --- Tyler & Jenny 

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Fox
Married 08.02.2014

      Jason and I want to extend our greatest thank you to you and Pat and the rest of the staff at Mulberry Lane Farm that made our wedding the type of wedding that we thought only existed in fairy tales!
     We knew we loved your farm setting from the minute we saw it, but once the actual wedding day came andwe saw everything put into action we were even more impressed! Our families and friends keep telling us that our wedding was the coolest and most unique wedding they have ever been to! It makes us so happy to hear that! We owe so much gratitude to you for making our dream wedding come true!
    Pat.....thank you for giving my Dad and I our ride in the horse and carriage. It is truly a moment I will cherish forever.
    Bonnie....thank you for keeping the day moving on schedule and for all of your guidance.
    Cindy and Liz and other "farmers"......thank you for helping with all the final details and your kindness.
    Although we are not local to the area, we tell everybody we know about your farm and tell them if you want to have an AMAZING farm/barn themed wedding, Mulberry Lane Farm is the only place to look! We absolutely love Mulberry Lane Farm and can't wait to be able to come back to visit the farm!
    Thank you again for your hospitality and for treating us like family and making our wedding day so memorable and absolutely wonderful!!
Your Waterford Bride and Groom, --Natalie & Jason Fox

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Fenske
Married 10.05.2013 
     Bonnie & Mulberry Lane Staff - Jess and I just want you all to know how much we appreciated everything everyone did on our wedding day.  You all went above and beyond on our day and it didn't go unnoticed.  You all were so great helping with umbrellas for the bridesmaids, our guests, the caterers etc.
     As I drove to MLF on the day of our wedding it was pouring rain.  The perfect wedding outside that I had been dreaming about was not going to happen.  You all made everything run so smoothly and the wedding ceremony in the dairy barn was amazing.  You all were great to work with, easy to get a hold of ( Bonnie is so quick at emails) :) and were all very nice.  Jess and I received many compliments on how you all went above and beyond what you had to do.  We also received many compliments about the farm and how neat it was.

     We again would like to thank you for everything you all did.  Thank you Bonnie for letting us have an October wedding :)  Everything was amazing-- With Love, The Fenske's  



Mr. & Mrs. Todd Schabel
Married 09.14.2013
     "Where little girls fairy tale dreams become real! You couldn't have put it any better! We wanted to thank everyone for all your hard work during and before the wedding! Everything was so perfect and we couldn't have asked for a better day and everything went perfectly!
     Our family had so much fun they even asked if we can have a one year reunion at the farm! Everyone enjoyed everything the farm offered and the fun relaxed country wedding!

     Thank you for the best day where all our dreams did come true!" 


Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Schmidt
Married 08.10.2013

"...I also wanted to say that we appreciate everything that your staff did to help the day turn out perfect. You and everyone there were over-the-top accommodating, and we've got nothing but compliments from our guests. It was everything we could have imagined and more!!"   


Mr. & Mrs. Chad Lerche
Married 06.08.2013

"We recently had our son's wedding by you. We want to thank you for everything. Especially farmers Bonnie, Mary, Cindy, Steffi and Pat. You all stepped in every time we needed help. The wedding will always be a great memory for us and one reason for that will be because of Mulberry Lane Farm and the farmers. You may not have heard them but you received a lot of compliments throughout the day. Word of mouth is the best advertising and you'll be getting that from us." God Bless
- Bill & MaryKay Lerche, Parents of the Groom

Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Nelson
Married 09.29.2012

"My husband and I had our wedding reception at Mulberry Lane Farm in the fall of 2012.  We wanted something different for our wedding, and we could not have been more pleased with how everything turned out. The staff at Mulberry Lane Farm was both accommodating and helpful every step of the way.  The location was absolutely beautiful and I was able to be creative with my decorations. We felt at home at Mulberry Lane. Bonnie and her staff welcomed us multiple times to the farm to make plans and to explore the space. They treated us like family. During the wedding, our guests enjoyed walking around the barn yard and relaxing in the haymow. Everyone enjoyed the laid back atmosphere. We were able to bring in our own caterers for food and drinks and our own decorations. Bonnie and her staff were helpful to all of our vendors. They even helped with moving tables and chairs to make room for a dance floor after dinner. Our wedding day was perfect, and it was thanks to the wonderful staff at Mulberry Lane Farm. Six months later, I still get compliments on how beautiful and unique our wedding was. I would recommend Mulberry Lane Farm to any bride who wants something different from the traditional banquet hall style wedding. You can trust Mulberry Lane Farm to help make your wedding a day you and your family and friends won't soon forget. Thanks!"

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Kraemer
Married 09.15.2012

"We couldn't have asked for a better day! Our families and friends are still talking, saying how much fun they had and it was the best wedding they'd been to! Thank you Mulberry Lane Farm for helping us have the greatest wedding we could ask for!"



Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Ort 
Married 10.01.2011

"It was beautiful and perfect and just what I'd dreamed of. Family and friends still talk about what a unique wedding it was and 'the best one I've ever been to!' Which is a compliment to all involved!"



Mr. & Mrs. Seth Lenz
Married 10.31.2010

"Mulberry Lane Farm was the perfect place to have our wedding reception. Bonnie and Pat we're exceptionally accommodating, especially in light of losing our initial location only 5 weeks before the wedding. Couldn't have been more happy with how the charm of the farm made it a night to remember for all of our guests and ourselves!

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